Summer Smiles

3 Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles

Sunny days, trips to the lake, fishing, and going to the beach – it can be easy for your dental routine to be thrown off. Here are 3 tips for healthy summer smiles:

How To Achieve A Healthy Summer Smile

Tip 1. Stay away from too much sugar. Summer means lots of sun and heat and as a result, you tend to grab juices, lemonades, sodas, and sports drinks to quench your thirst. While it’s great to treat yourself once in a while to these sugary drinks, don’t overdo it. Overconsumption of sweet drinks can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Instead, keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water – it’s healthy, clean, and doesn’t damage your teeth at all. If you have to drink sugary drinks and snacks, brush your teeth after to clean your teeth of any excess sugar. 

Tip 2. Stick to your routine. Do not skip brushing and flossing just because you are having the time of your life. Always make time for it. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. Doing this can make your teeth healthy for a long time and avoid any plaque buildup that can cause tooth decay. This goes for the children too. Making sure that they stick to their dental routine can allow them to develop healthy dental habits.

Tip 3. Do not smoke. Smoking is bad for your health as it can cause lung cancer. Also, it can cause harm to your teeth and gums. Cigarette contains nicotine and tar that causes teeth discoloration. It can also cause gum erosion which can promote tooth loss. Smoking is not healthy at all – both for your dental health and overall health.

Also, do not forget to visit your dentist during the summer. It is recommended that you check with your dentist regularly so you can be informed about your dental health. Your dentist can check your teeth and mouth. We all know how dental problems can be uncomfortable and costly so don’t neglect your teeth! This summer, show your best, healthy smile by following these healthy summer tips. Enjoy the summer days but remember to take care of your teeth too. If you have any other questions, contact us!

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