Diet and Dental Health

Your diet and teeth

Did you know that your diet has a direct impact on your dental health? If you have been consuming sugary food and drinks without sticking to a proper dental routine, you could be at risk for tooth decay. Lactic acid is what is responsible for the damage. A bacterium in our mouths called Streptococcus mutans converts sugar to lactic acid, which eats tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. The acid form will attack the teeth causing damage to the tooth enamel leading the need for dental treatments such as fillings or even extractions.  

What food should you avoid?

Try to limit anything with “ose” at the end. These are sugars – for example, sucrose, glucose and fructose. All of these types of sugars can damage your teeth and should be avoided or should be eaten in moderation. In order to avoid foods with sugar content, make sure to read the nutrition facts and ingredients label on foods and beverages before you eat/drink them. Generally, soft drinks, candies and pastries are very high in sugar. 

Also, packaging that has been labeled with “no sugar” doesn’t necessarily mean it is sugar free. Carefully check the label and ingredients first – the sugar may be listed as carbohydrates or there is “no extra sugar added.” For your diet, it is important that you eat 3 meals a day instead of having 7 t0 10 snacks. If you need to snack, choose food with no sugar or you can eat food such as cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks. 

Brushing your teeth is the key

The key to eating even sugary food is by moderation and making sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is also strongly advised to have a night time brushing and flossing your teeth before going to bed to provide protection to your teeth when you are sleeping. For more information on diet and how to take care of your teeth, contact us at Kidz Family Dental. 


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