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How Dentists Get Their Own Kids to Brush

As early as possible, it is important that you let your kids understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. Dentist advice that training your kids to do proper oral hygiene and dental routine is the key towards getting healthy teeth and gums especially when they are grown up. Remember, taking care of your dental health is a lifelong commitment and to let your kids start early can make a big difference.

Toothbrush routine

A regular tooth brushing routine is one of the healthiest habits that can combat a lot of dental problems, especially tooth decay. It is an effective method and doesn’t require a lot of money and dentist visits. However, when an adult finds it hard to stick to their daily dental routine, so are the kids too. Kids have a lot of things running through their mind and brushing seems to be the last thing they want to do. As a parent, you may start looking for ways on how you can get your kids to brush their teeth.

Brushing Tips for You

Parents may think that dentists have an easier time dealing with their kids especially when it comes to getting their own kids to brush their teeth. Well, like you, dentists also struggle to keep their child’s teeth healthy. Dentists may be an expert when it comes to dental and oral health but when it comes to their kids; they are still parents that have to deal with their kid’s different behavior at home. 

Fortunately, dentist parents have established tricks and tips to keep their kids teeth healthy. Here’s how dentists get their own kids to brush:

  • Set a good example. Kids love to follow their parents so lead by example. When your kids see you brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, they are more likely to do the same on a regular basis too. The important thing to do is to make a good example so they will follow what you are doing.
  • Make it a family routine. You can create a family rule which everyone is obliged to follow. For example, a rule might state that everyone must brush before bed and before leaving the house in the morning. 
  • Supervise your kids. If your kid wants to brush inside the bathroom, let him/her be. Just remember to keep an eye on them to make sure they are not using more toothpaste than they should and if they are brushing the right way. 
  • Encourage good dental habits. When your kids are older, they might be attracted to eating fast food or going to sleep without brushing their teeth. Talk to them about the importance of proper dental hygiene and how a simple act of brushing can make a big difference. Also, remember to bring them to the dentist for regular checkups.
  • Follow your kids. Older kids might lie about brushing their teeth saying they do but in reality, doesn’t brush at all. Play detective and look at their toothbrush if it’s wet or request to smell their breath so you can smell the toothpaste. 

Brushing your teeth may seem less attractive to kids but with the right attitude and guidance, it can become a pleasure to your kids. 

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