Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Healthy teeth are important for a baby’s overall health. Mouth ulcers, tooth decay, and even cavities can lead to a whole host of other issues such as poor feeding, bad sleeping, and cranky behavior. You can often avoid these issues with proper oral care, but some babies are still prone to developing these problems because they are not always given the proper nutrition. For instance, baby bottle tooth decay may be due to the consumption of sugary drinks before they sleep. Here are ways of preventing baby bottle tooth decay.

1. Wipe Your Kid’s Gums with a Gauze or Wash Cloth After Feeding

This may sound strange, but it is a proven way of preventing baby bottle tooth decay. The teeth of babies, especially young ones, are prone to developing cavities and tooth decay. However, you can prevent this by wiping the gums, mouth, and teeth of your kid with a warm piece of gauze or cloth after feeding. 

2. Limit Sugary Drinks before Sleep Time

If you want to prevent baby bottle tooth decay, limiting sugary drinks is a great way to start. Sugary drinks are not only harmful to adult teeth but also to the baby. Avoid giving your kid sugary drinks after meals or before they sleep because this can lead to tooth decay.

3. Brush Your Kid’s Teeth at Least Twice a Day

Another way of preventing baby bottle tooth decay is to make sure you brush the first tooth that comes out at least twice a day. Make sure you use a baby toothbrush and toothpaste designed for kids.

4. Never Put Your Child to Bed with Food in the Mouth

Although the temptation for parents might be to feed their child before bedtime, it is better not to do so. Sugar and other foods left in the mouth after eating can lead to tooth decay in children. Putting a baby to bed with a bottle can lead to the baby ingesting bacteria, which can cause cavities.

5. Only Serve Juice During the Meals or Avoid It

When you want to avoid baby bottle tooth decay in your child, avoid serving juice or any other sugary drink at mealtimes. If you do want to offer the alternative to your child, limit the quantity and make sure it is not served after the mealtimes. Also, it is a good idea to serve what is necessary rather than trying to serve everything.

6. Schedule an Appointment With Your Dentist

If you have been following these tips, your child should be developing well and not prone to experiencing baby bottle tooth decay. However, if this is not the case, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Our Kidz & Family Dental Center experts can help you and your child takes charge of preventing tooth decay in babies. They will be able to discuss any possible risk factors and advise you on the best way to prevent them.

While you may have a lot of things to take care of as a parent, you must provide your child with the best possible oral care to maintain good teeth. If you follow these tips, your baby will have healthy teeth, and this can also help prevent any possible issues in the future.

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