Father and son cleaning teeth with dental floss

5 Things Every Family Should Know About Dental Health

A good dentist should tell their patients with young children that a good set of teeth helps in developing speech in children and assist in forming a good facial structure. Good dental health practices should be done early especially in children so it would be easier for them to develop it as a habit. 

Must-Know Facts About Dental Health 

To avoid problems that come with making your children brush their teeth diligently, there are the 5 important things that your family should know about your dental health:

  • Dental care can start even before the first tooth appears

One of our common mistakes as parents is that we only introduce tooth brushing to our children when their teeth start appearing. What we didn’t know is that teeth start forming as early as the second trimester of pregnancy; and so, dental care habits should be practiced even before their first tooth appears. You can do this by gently running a clean and a bit damp cloth over the gums of your baby. This will clean their gums and remove harmful bacteria. Your baby can start brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste as early as 3 years old. And flossing can begin when two of your child’s teeth are already touching.

  • Get your whole family involved

Your child dreading brushing their teeth is normal. As parents, you can make your toothbrushing more fun and engage by getting your whole family involved. You can create a table where each family member can mark off their oral responsibilities each day. Instead of letting your children brush their teeth alone, you can have everyone brush their teeth together while listening to a song of their choice. Children sometimes like to be in control too, so let them pick the toothbrush that they like with flavored toothpaste. 

  • Use toothpaste with fluoride in children

Fluoride has proven to be a very effective means of decreasing the occurrence of tooth decay both in adults and children. Fluoride is a natural element found in nature such as tap water. It is also present in toothpaste. Aside from that, it can be applied topically too in your children’s teeth to make them stronger and protect them against cavities. There is also another fluoride treatment that can be ingested and becomes a part of the structure of the tooth. 

  • Prevent cavities

Cavities are the start of all the problems in your dental health. It occurs when bacteria, sugar, and food particles are stuck in your mouth because of poor oral habits. When bacteria react to the sugar from the food particles, acids form and stick to your teeth. Eventually, this acid will eat away the tooth enamel. This can be prevented by practicing good oral habits and avoiding the foods and drinks that promote acid build-up in the mouth.

  • Know when to visit your dentist

According to the American Dental Association, children can start their dental when they turn one. Children can feel scared and anxious about their first dental visit so it is important for parents to calm them to make their first visit successful. Educate your children on how pediatric dentists help them fight toothache and other dental problems to remove their anxiety.

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