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Top 5 Risks Factors For Oral Cancer

Oral cancer affects many people today. According to the estimate by the American Cancer Society, more than 53,000 will develop oral cancer in 2020. It is the type of cancer that affects everything that is part of the oral cavity...

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring

What is sleep apnea? About 70 million Americans are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, with sleep apnea as the most prevalent. Sleep apnea causes you to do short breathing pauses that occur hundreds of times while you are sleeping, obstructing...

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Does Invisalign Work For Kids?

One of the most common dental issues is having teeth that are misaligned. Fortunately, it can be fixed by using metal braces or through the use of Invisalign.  (more…)

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How Your Oral Health Can Impact Your Overall Health

With healthier food options at fast-food restaurants and more gym memberships than ever before, people are taking their health more seriously now. However, one mistake many people make is that they don’t pay enough attention to their oral health. Like...

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