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Does Invisalign Work For Kids?

One of the most common dental issues is having teeth that are misaligned. Fortunately, it can be fixed by using metal braces or through the use of Invisalign. 

Invisalign For Kids

While metal braces are the most common dental solutions for teeth misalignment, your kid may not want to wear it because it is visible enough and they don’t want to be caught wearing one. Aside from this, metal braces can also chafe and cut their mouths, resulting in painful sores. Fortunately, Invisalign is here to help your kids. Invisalign is an invisible alternative to metal braces. Your kids will love to wear one because they will no longer need to experience the traditional discomfort of metal braces. Plus, since they are invisible, they will not be conscious at all. 

Does Invisalign work for kids? Yes, they do. Your child can start wearing Invisalign as early as 12 years old, given that all of your child’s teeth have fully grown without any tooth decay. Your kids will wear the aligners that will eventually shift their teeth into the right place. Invisalign is custom made which will guarantee you that it will fit your kid’s teeth and it works by applying pressure to the problem spots so the teeth will move to their proper position. 

Invisalign is also perfect for kids because they will still be able to eat whatever food they enjoy eating. While straightening your kid’s teeth without being noticeable enough, wearing Invisalign will not irritate your child’s gums and cheeks because it is made from smooth plastic.  Another advantage of Invisalign is that it will be easier for your kids to floss and brush their teeth. metal braces have proven tooth brushing and flossing to be very challenging. In the end, they will not be able to properly clean their teeth. Thus, it attracts more bacteria to inhabit your child’s mouth, increasing their risk of tooth decay and oral health problems. Your child will never encounter this problem with Invisalign since it can be removed whenever your child performs his or her oral hygiene. 

Moreover, Invisalign will not be able to hinder any activities that your child loves to do at school. They can run and play football with their friends all they want without metal braces to worry about. In fact, they can remove Invisalign whenever they feel like to as long as they can make sure to keep the invisible aligner on their teeth for 23 hours a day. 

Finally, since Invisalign is almost invisible, their self-confidence will improve too, as they will not feel self-conscious while fixing their misaligned teeth. With Invisalign, your child can maintain their perfect smile any time of the day. Keep your child’s confidence while correcting his/her dental problem; choose Invisalign for your kids today.

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